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5 Days | 5 Hours | 5 Practice Building Strategies | 5 CPD Points

Business Building Workshop For Health Practitioners
"Practice Success Game Plan 2021"


Sale Price of $95 ENDS 09/02/21

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Monday 15th February 2021
Tuesday 16th February 2021
Wednesday 17th February 2021
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Time: 8am to 9am AEST Everyday

The Most Powerful, Productive, Purposeful, Profitable 5 Days You Will Attend Online on Personal Empowerment, Business (Practice) Development and Marketing (Sales) Success.

Over the course of 5 days, I will spend 1 POWER HOUR each day covering the most up-to-date, time-tested, bulletproof mindset and mechanical business strategies out there for building your health business


Practitioners and business owners often love their work but have inner emotional blocks which cause fear and low confidence in truly expressing their worth and their gifts.

They yearn to be busy helping people but may have emotional fluctuations, low self-image, procrastination, no business knowledge and definitely no knowledge on mindful selling and marketing to build an everlasting dream practice.

- Have you lost your drive and motivation? Have low Self-Esteem? Constantly doubting yourself? Fear of failure or being criticised?

- Are you struggling to get regular clients through the door? Or Keeping existing clients?

- Did the nightmare of 2020 shake you, shock you, hassle you, beat you, frustrate you, run you down and then spit you back out again bare with no clients, no money, no motivation and no faith in building yourself back up?

- Do you lack empowerment as a business owner? Have you lost your direction?

- Are you lacking in knowledge on how to run a successful and profitable business? Or your dream practice? Is there just too many competitors around you and you don't know how to define your value and stand out from the crowd?

If any of this applies to you, then keep reading...

DAY 1 - Personal & Emotional Empowerment as a Successful Practice Owner 

Day 1 will cover some powerful personal empowerment and development strategies. We will look at how your emotions are likely holding you back and the changes required in the mindset of a practice/business owner and for those who want to make dramatic changes to grow as individuals. 

  • Methods and techniques around the psychology of success and mindset hacks 
  • The power of neuro-scientific strategies for maximising personal empowerment and high performance
  • Human behaviour and a complete understanding of human values that are at the core of your inspiration
  • An understanding of how past emotions have been blocking your full power and expression in your practice
  • The real meaning behind the Law of Attraction, Law of Belief and the Law of Vibration and eastern philosophical knowledge on business and success (e.g. works of Lao Tzu, Chuangzi, Li Rong, Dao De Jing) 
  • How the 12 organs can enhance business performance 
  • The Science of Fear and how to overcome your greatest fears
  •  ...And the psychology of wealth building and removing inner money blocks that prevent you from building wealth  

DAY 2 - Business Psychology, Business Systems, Business Vision

Day 2 is all about business. What a successful business looks like from ground up. A successful business is based on a grand vision, backed up by a clear message and a unique and specialised service offer. You will learn the different phases of business development from inception, growth, maturity and why 80% of businesses fail. You will learn:

  • The psychology of a business owner and what defines success 
  • Traits and focus points of a successful business model 
  • How to set your grand vision, get clear on your message and how to best write strategic business goals
  • Leadership principles and how to become your own best leader
  • Time management principles, how to gain your freedom and maximise efficiency

DAY 3 - Practice Growth Strategies, Metrics, Client Lifetime/Profit Value

In Day 3 we are now focused on building your numbers - clients, products, allied services you might have and ultimately your revenue and profits. What distinguishes the average from the elite practitioners is simple easy to follow structures and strategies in a system that can be reproducible. Growing any business in any industry is solely based on 3 assets.

  • We start by analysing 23 crucial questions you need to be asking your self before you can expand
  • Looking at the basic metrics of what doubles or triples a business 
  • How can we increase the value offer of each client visit/treatment
  • How to increase the transaction value per client per treatment in a way that is ethical, congruent to your treatment and offers greater value to the client
  • 4 Priorities (Golden Rules) of Marketing when growing your practice What's the difference between selling your services and serving your clients?
  • Why clients drop off
  • How to work out the client lifetime value and profit value per client
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DAY 4 - Filling Your Practice with Ideal Clients, Building Trust & Loyalty and Marketing

Day 4 is really about automating your practice like a machine. Practice automation means you have a viable, sustainable and effective system in place so that clients come to you and you don't chase them. All businesses need to be systemised for efficiency before they can grow. Growing without automation and being desperate for clients rather than clients being desperate for your services is detrimental to your practice and this is what causes burn-out. In Day 4, you will learn:

  • What prospecting (searching for ideal clients) actually means and why is it important?
  • Marketing simply means building relationships and helping people who want to find you actually find you
  • The many marketing platforms available to us and which one's to use
  • Why many practice owners get marketing wrong when its fun, easy and rewarding when you simplify it
  • Why paying for ads should be a last resort not first

DAY 5 - Communicating with Authority, Displaying Value & Mindful Selling

Day 5 is like nothing you've seen or known before when it comes to selling your services. Doing practice success seminars for the past 14 years or so, it is very obvious that the area of "selling" your services is the biggest weakness for many practitioners. It's not your fault. Many of us contract and cringe even hearing the words 'selling' or 'sales' due to bad experiences in the past. You might have money blocks or more accurately guilt and shame which hold you back from truly spreading your gift. Or maybe you just haven't been taught how to strategically, ethically and efficiently sell your services. This is all about mindful selling. If you're not convinced yourself, how do you convince your clients on the effectiveness of your treatments? Here's what you will learn:

  • What's the difference between 'selling' and 'mindful selling' ? 
  • What's the difference between selling your services and serving your clients?
  • How to differentiate between price and value in your treatments?
  • Communicating with the right brain vs the left brain and how your client's relate? 
  • The "selling" or "being sold to fears" your clients (and probably yourself) inherently carry and how to help them overcome these fears
  • Structuring your communication for optimal client retention

About Sohial Farzam...

My name is Sohial Farzam. I am an acupuncturist, lecturer, published author and speak. I run multiple businesses and I've been consulting for businesses for the past 10 years.

My goal is to help you get to a higher level of understanding so you can realise your personal and professional dreams. I want to help you gain the tools and strategies for you to express your healing gifts, your products and services to your clients whilst building a successful and profitable practice/business doing exactly what you love.

I began a journey of self-empowerment and self-awareness and transformation after my own personal challenges and in a very short time, I was able to build multiple successful business ventures and spend everyday doing exactly what I love, charging what I'm worth and travelling freely exploring the world.  

Here are the main lessons I have learnt and that I want to share with you over 5 days:

- You can wait for change to come to you – OR you can create change from within you - You have everything you need to be inspired from within - You have every trait that you seek from others around you…within you - A great mentor holds up a mirror and invites you to explore your greatness

And now, I want to help you explore…

Your Greatness, Your Actual Potential, Your Breakthrough, Your Transformation and Your Mastery...

What others have to say about my work?

Lisa Cavanagh Aupuncturist

"Wonderful experience. Thank you very much. Content - great. Loved the link to TCM and self-development. Delivery - fantastic, kept it light and flowing. Knowledge - awesome Preparation - awesome Loved the content, order and presentation. By starting with identifying our values and goals, all 'challenges' seemed to have a new direction of alignment back to our values. An approach to business and self-development that is fresh, inspiring and 'outside the box'. This taps into your core values and goals to create an internal commitment and change to yourself and your outlook on business and life practice" - Lisa C, Acupuncturist.

Jonathon Allen, Acupuncturist

"Course is excellent, as with every course that I have done with you. I love the content, it has complete resonance with me for authentic business growth in harmony with self-development. The presentation is inspiring, I leave the room each day feeling inspired. As a result I can't wait to get back to work on Monday. This workshop is essential for all those practitioners that haven't done it! It will help you in every area of your business and practice. Thank you Sohial" - Jonathon A, Acupuncturist.

Helen Barnett - Acupuncturist
Amazing. It's not just marketing and sales, it's the psycho-emotional aspects behind marketing and sales from the perspective of client and practitioner. Loads of info and so well presented. His knowledge is exemplary and that truly comes through in his presentation. Lot's of tips and techniques and resources are delivered within the content. You leave feeling satisfied that you have truly learnt some great skills with communicating to your clients and a better understanding of how to market and sell. Thank you Sohial." - Helen B, Acupuncturist.  

This Powerful 5 Day Workshop is FOR those who:

  • Feel they need to be liberated from past burdens, fears and habits
  • Know that there’s more to the struggle of running a practice
  • Know that there’s a constant sense of unfulfilment in their life – A VOID
  • Know they aren’t living to their full potential 
  • Know they have a clear message and a vision to provide for the clients
  • Want to serve, give and help others successfully and more efficiently
  • Want to elevate their stance and achieve mastery in personal and business life
  • Want to breakthrough clutter, stagnation and competition to others 
  • Want to FIND ACTUAL STRATEGIES TO SUCCESS and dramatically enhance their personal life, business performance, productivity, customers/clients/patients, awareness, market reach, authority and ultimately revenue and profits 

This Workshop is NOT for those who:

  • Have no intention or desire to become more, learn more, achieve more and ultimately earn a great deal more 
  • Want to be a couch potato and expect everything to happen for them
  • Believe the world owes them something and live in a constant state of disempowerment and blame others for their weaknesses
  • Don't want to put in any effort and time even if it means that the result could in fact be freedom, MORE time, less work, less effort and MORE money
  • Carry a list of excuses with them everywhere they go and make an excuse when a great opportunity faces them 
  • Aren’t interested in investing in themselves (time and energy) to learn proven ways which have stood the test of time to improve their lifestyle, attain complete freedom from the grind and exponentially earn more money 
  • Expect a PUSH BUTTON to want to pluck money from trees and not even pay for the ladder! 
  • Think this will be an APHRA focused seminar on rules and policies of marketing (this will not cover AHPRA restrictions and rules on marketing)

Bonus: All attendees will receive Sohial's Book "In Demand" at 50% OFF...ONLY $27.60

After purchasing your seat for this online seminar you will receive a coupon code and a link to where you can grab Sohial's book at 50% OFF...ONLY $27.60 +GST (Full Price $55 +GST).

Here's just Part 1 of the Contents of the Book:

- Values: Where does your business fit in?
- Goals: Drifting by with no aim
- Emotional Intelligence - The driving force behind your practice
- Self-Image - Your subconscious beliefs are running you
- Motivation or Inspiration - Are you driven or pulled?
- Fear - The illusions that hold you back

Join me for 5 Days and if you think you didn't get any value from me, I will REFUND you in full within 24 hours

Every seminar I present comes with a Guarantee. This is because I want you to have a piece of mind when you want to invest in my work. 

But more so because I am confident in what I do and what I teach and I know for sure you will love the content. However, again if you feel I didn't meet your expectations over 5 days, then I will more than happily refund your fee and say thank you for your feedback.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: You risk nothing when you attend my 5 day workshop. 

All you have to do is let me know at the end of the 5 days if you believe you didn't get any value and I will refund you your full fee within 24 hours.


1. I am only a student, is there a student price? I've made the seminar ticket price as affordable as possible for both practitioners and students to make it easy for them to register to this event. The value of 5 hours of high quality content to build your practice is worth much more than $95. If you think its not worth $95 for an event that can possibly double or triple your practice, then this event is not for you.

2. Will there be a recording? Yes, after the seminar is complete and editing done, it will be uploaded online and you will have 5 weeks access to the recording.

3. Is the price is AUD? Yes.

4. How will I attend the online seminar? The seminar will be on ZOOM. You will receive your unique zoom links prior to each session